Healing and Transformation through Music, Energetic Medicine, and Experiential Workshops

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Personal Intensive Courses: Click on image above to find out how to take any of our popular courses on a date and time that works for you!


Mystic Measures creates music that relaxes, inspires, or helps you focus. Click on the above image to sample or download the music!

Instructional Drumming CDs and MP3 Downloads
Now available - original 4-part rhythms for the African djembe...play by yourself or with a drum circle! Click on the images below for complete information, downloads, videos, and more.

Learn how to play eleven (11) different 4-part rhythms that evoke the energy of our solar system!


Learn how to play seven (7) different 4-part rhythms that resonate with the energy of the primary chakras in our human energy field!


Learn how to play nine (9) different 4-part rhythms that resonate with the energy of Animal Totems!


Jim makes authentic djembes from African shells and goat skins. Native hoop drums come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with elk, deer, or buffalo skins. Speciality drums, such as the Irish bodhran and large pow-wow drums can be made to order.


Santa Fe Harmony Center specializes in music that combines ancient and modern traditions for a delightful ambient sound. Check it out!

Full Moon Fire Ceremonies!
Rapid Transformation and Renewal

Events include a guided journey, drumming and chanting.
Click here for more information and a full calendar of fires for 2014.

Upcoming Fire Ceremonies
Summer 2014

Sunday, August 10th
Tuesday, September 9th

African Djembe Drum Circle Classes 
Offering Unique 4-Part Rhythms...
...created at the Harmony Center!

Every Thursday Evening 
Heavenly Body Rhythms

Newcomer Tutorial 6:45-7:00pm
$10/class or $30/four classes

No Prior Experience Necessary.
Open to Newcomers. Drums Available.
Click here for more info.
Special Drum Healing Opportunities - call for more information! 


Harmony Center Blogs

The Fifth Element 

In our drum classes, we play original rhythms that are created from four different beats. As we learn each beat over the month, the total rhythm begins to emerge. It comes in and out at first, as the drummers become more confident and steady with playing each beat. As Jim describes it, once the rhythm is "locked in," he is able to bring in the Fifth Element which makes the rhythm soar. This is the role of… Read more

Frozen Splendor 

While visiting Minnesota over the holidays, we had the opportunity to visit Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis. Cloaked in the green of massive trees and abundant flora for most of the year, the falls in winter reveals itself in a 50 foot long curtain of frozen ice. Minnehaha creek, named for the beautiful maiden that captured Hiawatha's fancy in Longfellow's poem, continues to flow at a fast clip, making it's way through… Read more

Finding the Faerie Realms 

In preparation for our "Journey with the Elementals" retreat next Spring, Jim and I have been hiking with intent to connect with the wild nature spirits. On a recent  journey up to the ski basin to enjoy the beautiful golden aspens, we decided to take a path off the Windsor trail down to the Rio Nambe - a seemingly reasonable 1-3/4 mile diversion. As the path descended, and descended, and… Read more

The Power of Fire Ceremony 

We held a spontaneous fire ceremony last night at the request of visitors from the Big Apple, who wanted a transformational experience to top off their trip to Santa Fe. Eight of us gathered within Sacred Space under a bright celestial canopy, to connect with the spirit of the fire. In the chanting, drumming and rattling, our consciousness shifted with the fire. We became connected on an energetic level, and… Read more

The Harmony Center proudly sponsors Mystic Measures, a band that performs and records music for creating a harmonious environment. It also offers recorded music incorporating Jim Kinney on native flutes to uplift and inspire.

The center offers drum circle classes every week, and  facilitates Sacred Drum Circles at therapeutic centers, schools, organizations, or special events, tailored to specific needs.  Private lessons in playing hand drums and native flutes also are available.

Handmade djembe drums by Jim are available for purchase.


Jim and Jennifer are "human potential" practitioners. They offer personalized energy medicine services to help individuals heal past trauma, release old life patterns, and connect with new possibilities aligned with one's soul journey.

Sessions start at 60 minutes for $60, and can be performed in person or over the phone. Clients are provided with customized materials to strengthen the impact of each session. A no-charge consultation is available by calling 505-989-3507.

Click here for more information.


The Harmony Center has developed a number of workshops for people who want to understand and express themselves better, to unlock their potential, and to learn how to manifest their desires. These are now offered as Personal Intensive Courses (PIC), for 2-4 people, arranged at your convenience.

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